Shambhala Mountain Center Renewal 2021


Dawn Sandberg added 14 new photos — with John Horner and Greg Smith at The Great Stupa Of Dharmakaya.

We had a magnificent visit to see the stupa at Shambhala Mountain Center yesterday in Colorado, whose land was burned in the fires last year.  It was both hopeful and poignant to be there, fire and flowers. I spent over 2 years on that land and want to preserve it at all costs, and hope that all will heal well in the community over time. Please notice, the Kami Shrine, a temple built to honor the Shinto Sun Goddess Amaterasu, the fire burned close by on either side, her shrine all wooden, remained unscathed!
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  1. Dawn Boiani-Sandberg
    Dawn Boiani-Sandberg says:

    They are having a gathering with Diana, Pema Chodron and Shanté Paradigm Smalls, who coordinates Buddhist ethics programs and dialogues like: Abuse, Sex and the Sangha: Conversations for Healing

    I think there is a very serious fertile ground for needed change happening and much needed women’s voices. ♥


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