Words of my (mostly) Perfect Teacher

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“We have to connect with and find strength in our own Buddha Nature,
This is not copyrighted by any Lama or Buddha or Bodhisattva
There are many great things within us and in our world,
qualities of warmth, wisdom

even the Buddha’s monks
from the onset, had misconduct here and there
don’t fixate and reify the negative, impure things

relax and have compassion
stay with what is light
the bad things, we work to change them

don’t let all of this shake you deep down
we all have Buddha Nature
keep what is positive, light

take in to our heart, identify with all good qualities
the bad you see shouldn’t ruin your life or Dharma practice

The Bodhisattvas never get pulled down into
depression or hopelessness, they keep their vows

if we are wrecked and upset by the darkness we see
it ruins our life, depression and our core practice

we can’t help the world if we are broken
stay with positive qualities within us and in our world

when things seem dark
always stay with and train in

“the light.” 

Formatted transcript/ excerpts of a personal teaching to me from Tsoknyi Rinpoche, when I was feeling sad and overwhelmed.

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