Tsoknyi Rinpoche on Essence Love

“Don’t look outside
outside happiness
outside love is great
we need it
but without essence love…

we might not be able
to receive love
because we are
from our hollowness
we must receive love
from the basis of
this okay-ness

we must give love
from this wellbeing
to others…

Please expand this love…
gradually the essence love
will express it’s own
as loving kindness

it carries a wish for
everyone to be happy…

and this essence love
expresses as compassion
may all beings be free
from suffering…

the guts will arise
the courage
Bodhisattva courage
will arise
from this essence love

you need nothing
for yourself
you are fulfilled by the
essence love…

and now
you are no more hungry
for love

you are the love

the only thing is that
you give love now

and this kind of confidence
will emerge out of
acknowledgment of
essence love”

Short excerpt from Sept, 2020 Zoom Retreat on Essence Love (Tib.) ཐིག་ལེ

Photo: https://tsoknyirinpoche.org/rinpoche/

Tsoknyi Rinpoche is a Tibetan Buddhist Teacher who lives in Nepal. Widely recognized as an outstanding meditation teacher, he is the author of three books: Open Heart Open Mind, Carefree Dignity, and Fearless Simplicity.

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