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Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation. Traditionally it was practiced by family members for a person who was physically ill. It was thought that guilt over errors the person had committed had made them depressed and sick. Modern researchers have found that the applications of Ho’oponopono can have far reaching implications and can be used in many situations, problems, issues, relationships or concerns. Simply by using our intention and attention to recite these 4 key mantras, we may begin to heal all relationships and manifest abundance and prosperity, in most all areas of our lives.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len was a therapist at the Hawaii State Hospital. He worked with patients who had been diagnosed as dangerous and criminally insane. When he began working there, the ward he was on was assigned to was not a good place to be. The staff including the doctors quit or called in sick on a regular basis. It was a high-stress environment with many staff terrified of the patients and it was just as bad for the patients. Many of them were shackled or heavily sedated. As Dr. Hew Len would review a patient’s file he would practice Ho’oponopono. He would repeat the key mantras over and over again, directing them not at the patients as you might have expected, but at himself. The center efficacy of Ho’oponopono lies the belief that we all have a responsibility for the reality we experience.

So, Dr. Hew Len believed that to heal these patients he would first have to heal himself. As he did so, incredibly, even patients he had never seen began to heal. Patients came off their medication, stopped being violent and some were even released. People began enjoying coming to work there and absenteeism and staff turnover stopped. Dr. Hew Len’s story then began to circulate and as people began to practice this amazing, profound yet simple technique they began to see incredible changes take place in their lives as blockages to success, to happiness and well-being just seemed to disappear”

Repeat the 4 simple phrases with deep healing qualities, 108 times:

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

I love you

Thank you


Sandra is a Timeline Trauma Release Facilitator and Teacher Trainer, based in Sedona, Arizona. Her passion is to help people to heal and fully recover from Childhood & Sexual Trauma… using signature session techniques; Sexual de-Armouring, Soul Birth Re-birthing and Ancestral Womb Healing in combination with Breath-work, Soul Retrieval and Timeline Reimprinting techniques.

This mantra was recommended to me by a woman healer and I found it to be exceedingly powerful. I think if we recite a mantra in our own language, rather than Sanskrit or Tibetan it has even more impact, as you are consciously setting an intention, or aspiration. The mantra heals any trace of guilt one holds for past mistakes, and likewise forgives others who hurt you too, so that all residual pain and trauma can be released. What is left is self love, so very kind and powerful, and soothes one’s nerves. Recite this mantra gently, with feeling, 108 times, and see if it works. There are some amazing stories! Healers will recite it with one hand on the lower belly and the other hand on each on the chakras, starting with the root chakra.
Ho’o- TO MAKE pono IT RIGHT. ♥️