The Best Resources for Completely Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

How to completely heal from narcissistic relationships or unhealthy spiritual communities

You know, in the 12 Step Program, from what I understand people often refer to themselves as a “grateful alcoholic.” The reason is, that by having something really intense to go through and heal from in a human life, catapults us into a real, dark and dirty spiritual path of evolution. We could say the same thing for anything that hurts us, breaks us and indeed as the saying goes- “if it doesn’t kill us it’s going to make us stronger.”

I grew up, raised by a full spectrum narcissist and I have spent the last 15 years processing what that means and healing that within myself. The result of being raised by someone like this is you can be exceedingly sensitive, have chronic grief, and wind up magnetizing these people into your life again and again. It’s a subconscious familiarity called a “trauma reenactment.” It’s similar to if a woman grew up with an alcoholic father, without treatment she as a “wounded healer” might marry someone very similar and re-create that family dynamic.

I also found that I would seek out spiritual communities to “re-parent me” that were headed by a covert narcissist. This means that someone acts super spiritual, charismatic, magnetizing and holy, with false promises. However, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing you have a conscienceless, ruthless, predator at the core that will use you for everything, “extract your essences,” and if and when you wake up to their games, they discard you. Covert narcissists have an inflated sense of superiority and grandiosity and can gravitate towards being the heads of spiritual organizations or positions of power and control.

I’m on a number of narcissist healing forums, and have spent countless hours searching out the best support system and healing modalities. If you find that you may have been the recipient of narcissistic abuse or trying to leave a relationship or marriage to a narcissist or an unhealthy narcissistic community, I hope these resources will be of help to you.

Narcissistic abuse can break us into uncovering self love and learning our value and boundaries, and we can not only heal completely… but thrive. I feel sad, pity for them that they are so damaged, without treatment, they have no real hope for happiness in this life. It’s hardwired into the psycho-dynamics of a narcissist that they blame everyone for their shortcomings and never, ever seek treatment. Their lives are sad, lonely, hollow vacuums of lovelessness, power and control, using everyone and everything to uphold their damaged self esteem. When exposed, they can be conscienceless, cruel and retaliate with utmost viciousness. Hopefully through education and some of the modalities below we can protect ourselves in every way, learn grow and heal and never again be vulnerable to unkind, damaged and predatory people or organizations. Self love is the key, take back your power and live your very best life possible!

Melanie Tonia Evans

This Australian woman was the recipient of narcissistic abuse and the damage to her heart and mind almost killed her. She developed a free and paid program as well as a powerful YouTube Channel to help others completely recover to educate, and set boundaries in a series of guided meditations. You can sign up for her free class here, and then for about $250 dollars she has another immersion program to educate and have support and heal from narcissistic abuse.

Love Fraud- Donna Anderson

Donna Anderson runs an education community and youtube channel called Love Fraud as she herself was married to a narcissist/ psychopath who basically took her for everything she had. She’s quite astute and she’ll counsel with you for only $50. She’s not a professional counselor but she seems to be able to spot disordered people and provide a lot of heartfelt support. Her book by the same name is also helpful.

Rebecca Zung- Lawyer

Here is a tough lawyer that is an expert with the covert games these people play to lie and manipulate the courts- you can contact her directly and heal by watching her Youtube videos. I thankfully haven’t had to go to the courts to tackle any battles with these people, but this woman is intense and savvy, and you can borrow from her strength and resources if you ever sadly have to go through a divorce custody or legal battle with a disordered, conscienceless person, that you trusted and loved. She helps to recognize the patterns and educate your lawyer and judges about the dangers, manipulative tricks, triangulation  and counter blame that these people are sadly, capable of.

Dr. Karyl McBride

Dr. McBride, like myself was the daughter of a narcissistic mother and now has an entire therapeutic practice helping people to recover from the type of core, soul damage that comes from intimate relationships with narcissists. I can attest that this woman’s work basically saved my life, and helped me to stop blaming myself for the damage that narcissist do. I’ve counseled with her personally and now she’s helping some of my friends who are going through divorces with narcissists. I downloaded the audible version of her book, invaluable!

Melanie Tonia Evans Thriver TV

This is the free YouTube channel from Melanie Tonia Evans and she goes to every possible type of dynamic of a narcissist  and codependent and how to heal. In this particular video she talks about spiritual narcissism and how the victims can get smeared and abused and triangulated against if the narcissistic “teacher” priest or spiritual head is ever confronted. It’s impossible to not completely thrive after listening to her heartfelt personal experiences, wisdom and insight!

You can subscribe to her YouTube channel here.

Dr. Ramani

This medical doctor Dr. Ramani also has a free YouTube channel and talks a lot about spiritual narcissism and how to completely separate yourself from disordered people, heal and thrive. She has a hard-core ruthless, compassionate and  authentic understanding about pretty much anything relating to narcissism and borderline personality disorders and harm they do to society.

Here is an article that she references: Communal Narcissism Jochen E Gebauer

and Dr. Ramani’s channel

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