Self Care- A Warm Healing Bath of Love

bathtub petals

Be your own Valentine, a warm bouquet of roses… to you for you!

Today is Valentine’s Day and one of the most amazing treats of my life that I offer to myself nightly, is just to make myself a warm Epsom salt and rose bath, with candlelight. It’s so easy to create this amazingly nutritive and relaxing sacred space, a home-spa with very easy to get items. Taking a warm Epsom salt bath completely relaxes your nervous system and helps promote sleep because the Epsom salts are high in calming magnesium and I often add dried or fresh rose petals and rose essential oil. Then, when the bath is done I dry off and rub rose body oil on from head to toe in front of a fire, before bed. This enhances a sense of self-love and well-being no matter what’s happening in our lives or if we are alone, it’s impossible to not feel blessed and in bliss, by taking this warm, restorative healing bath of love.

candles and rose


Fill bathtub with hot water and add:

• 2 cups of Epsom salt for a standard-size bathtub.
• Pour the Epsom salt into warm running water.
• Add the 5 drops your choice of these following suggested essential oils to help relax and get to sleep:
• lavender
ylang ylang
• bergamot
• jasmine
• eucalyptus

• Add fresh or dried rose petals
• Turn off lights an close the door to keep steam in.
• Light candles, and a small stick of incense.
• Place crystals around your tub if you have them.
• If you have a wooden bath brush or loofah, brush the whole body away from the heart to stimulate your lymphatic system.
• Soak in your warm Epsom salt love-bath for 30 minutes or up to 1 hour.
• Dry off with warm clean towels and rub rose body oil, sesame, or coconut oil all over and let it dry before an amazing sleep.

rose petals and oil

dawn in tub with crystals and roses

Yes, this is me, with dried roses, candles and crystals. The dried roses can make the bath a little purple!


Warmest Valentine’s Day to all, today and everyday!

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