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Join Us For Coffee Talk- Abuse Survivor’s Stories of Hurt and Hope

Warmest Welcome Dear Fellow Survivor, I am so glad you are here~

Sharing our stories of both hurt and hope from domestic violence, organizational violence, narcissistic or child abuse is a powerful part of our healing journey. It helps us find and reclaim our voices, and it helps others who are healing. So many people have experienced relational abuse, child abuse, neglect, trauma, child sexual abuse (CSA), Family Scapegoat Abuse FSA and or adverse childhood experiences (ACE). Unprocessed trauma has a lifelong impact on our over all well-being. If you have done a substantial amount of work and are in recovery, and would like to “give back,” we would love to hear your process. We are not alone when we can connect through shared lived experiences.

The Survivors Open Chat is dedicated to amplifying the voices of survivors of trauma by providing a safe platform to share your truth through your story, and to help others to share in recovery. Write and have your survivor story published here or join me for Coffee Talk on Zoom or phone to share your story with us, you can be anonymous if you like.

To share your story in writing on our website, please fill out the interview form below and include a brief summary of your story into the box provided at the bottom. At the end of the form, you can choose to share under your name, or anonymously. Let me know if you’d like an interview! Cheers and wellness to you!

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