How to Use Lush’s Natural Henna Hair Dye

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Enliven and preserve your eternal inner goddess! I lived for quite a few years over in Nepal and India, and the women of all ages there have long, dark, gorgeous, healthy hair. They didn’t use hair dyes as much as they like to use natural plant based henna- the stuff of belly dancers and burgeoning goddesses!

I found one that’s already ready to go from the company called Lush which makes natural, mostly packaging free cosmetics that I adore and often try to reproduce at home. Here they sell a ready-made block of nutritive henna with cocoa butter and coffee. This does not chemically damage your hair. Henna can be a bit drying, and it’s a long-lasting color deposit. It can not lift your existing color, but pretty good for tinting any stray, pesky greys (not that any of my readers or I have any greys of course!)

lush henna

It is pretty simple to use. Each block offers 6 coloring squares, use 1 for each coloring.


You will need a bowl, spoon, boiling water, gloves and a plastic head wrap.


Use a knife and cut one square.

Boil about 1 cup of water and place henna brick in a bowl.

I add 1 T of hair oil to add more moisture.

Cover the henna with hot water and stir with a spoon until it forms a thick cake like batter. Let cool.

Then, with a gloved hand spread henna onto hair, henna is great for root touchups!

Next, place a cap on and leave henna for two hours.

Then rinse all henna out with gloved hand in warm water.

Use a light sulfate free shampoo and then condition. Rinse. Style as usual.



Every week I use color depositing conditioners to keep hair toned and… lush!

Remember: Do not use home or salon color over hair that has been hennaed, as there can be damage.

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