How to Access Your Own Akashic Records Divination


Questions About Our Future

I think every single person at some point in life is curious about their future and would love to have some clarity about what’s happening with them now. We often we stay stuck in not knowing what choices to make, how to proceed and what’s best for us. When we’re in college we might consult with a career counselor, at different stages of life we might ask friends for support, we might journal and try to go inward and find out what our truth is. Throughout human history people have relied upon oracles and divinations to try to access deeper wisdom and some insight about our future.

Now, I come from a tradition where we adhere to evidenced-based-science and I’m not easily wooed and enticed by new age magic, magical thinking, conspiracies, gods, angels or spirits or things that are not directly perceived by our five senses. However I have a degree in psychology with the focus on Buddhist studies and we studied things in college such as Gestalt Therapy and Carl Jung’s notion of the collective unconscious. Let’s take a minute out and look at what the collective unconscious would really mean. Think about that very word for a moment; it’s pretty intense when you break it down… COLLECTIVE unconscious. That means that all of us share some type of similar base operating system within our species, a collective. You could imagine an analogy to a computer or even a cyborg. There’s one central operating computer that is electronically connected to everyone else’s personal computers and the Internet of Things. This collective unconscious would be something that would be part of our birthright and what we were all privy to, when we came into our life as a facet of our species.

The Bee’s Know

I imagine the collective unconscious as something like this, imagine that a honeybee is born. That bee, just by taking birth already has hardwired into his mindstream a template of how to make a honeycomb, the acknowledgment of his role as a worker bee, the respect and reverence and relationship he would have to a queen bee. The worker bee will know that it has a task to go out and collect pollen and how to process that within the honeycomb and work together cooperatively to have an entire complex, productive social milieu. No parent taught that bee how to make a honeycomb what it’s role was, what the queen was how to make the architectural template of the geometry of honeycomb, it was hardwired into his knowing as a bee, part of his birthright. You could say that his mindstream was connected with his biological DNA as a bee and he inherited that whole entire complex understanding, just by being born.

How and Why Divinations Work

If a far more complex being comes into existence like a human being, and we have some natural, basic understanding of the bio-complexity of our social, organizational structure. That’s where you get the entire pantheon of the archetypes like the queen, the minister and all of the things that are talked about in star maps, astrology, Tarot, the Taoist I-Ching and a lot of ancient divinations. This body of collective wisdom that we are all privy to on a very subtle archetypal level, defines the collective unconscious. That collective unconscious holds with in it, this body of information that is not limited to only a one-dimensional linear time. It’s more of like a consensual conglomerate of intelligence that’s a natural facet of our universe. When we are in our waking consciousness, we are distracted with a lot of business and things that we have to do in our own individual lives. We turn away from our ability to access the complexity of this archetypal wisdom within us. When we do certain things like consult a valid oracle, or look at Tarot or read from the collective unconscious which is also part of what’s known as the akashic records, we begin to tap into a generally dormant but yet subtly existing part of ourselves.

This is why throughout human history, some people could be clear-seeing. What was it that they’re actually seeing? They see the collective unconscious or seeing the wisdom of the interconnectedness of all of these archetypes and how they influence our lives in human society. As far as I understand, the akashic records are part of the collective unconscious, they are series of personal stories and propensities of our own archetypal template. When you open up your akashic records and you read, if you’d like to call it reading, it’s actually just more of a matter of allowing,  you can begin to see how to live your life in a way that is meant for you and serves your highest good. This wisdom is our birthright and is always operating with in us, but oftentimes because of concepts, unprocessed grief, confusion or just stupor,  we turn away from that and we make choices that don’t necessarily serve are our highest good. If we can access these methods like reading our own akashic records or Tarot, we can open and clear the doors of perception to be able to access Carl Jung’s collective unconscious and within there, is this amazingly colorful body of wisdom, intelligence and clear seeing.

This only seems supernatural and spooky to the untrained eye, par with for example, an indigenous, isolated native from the Brazilian rain forest seeing an airplane and thinks it’s a God. There’s actually nothing particularly fantastic or supernatural happening. You could say that this faculty of going inward and perceiving the ground of our collective unconscious would be something that would be exceedingly natural. Anyway, this is my own personal experience. Instead of relying on other people to tell me how to live or what my highest truth is, I found an amazing an immediate way of accessing our own akashic records and it works like a charm every single time and it’s free!

The Lineage of Edgar Casey, Rudolph Steiner and Linda Howe

How to make the collective unconscious- conscious. I read a book from Linda Howe called How to Read The Askashic Records and got trained on how to read these, which is a facet of the community of Rudolf Steiner, Edgar Casey and the Theosophical Society.  I am grateful to her for empowering us all on how to access our highest selves. It costs nothing other than time and a sincere desire to look at ourselves and our lives, honestly, with a willingness to change and grow. The scholarly history of this process isn’t super important for now. I think each of us, if we happen to be at a crossroads of our life and are questioning about career, love or what would serve our highest good, I invite everyone of us to try to do this. I’m going to offer some exceedingly simple instructions that have been proven to work for me.

How to Read Your Records

So basically you sit in a very quiet place alone with yourself and you feel a sense of inner stillness calm. Then you read the prayer below, called the Pathway Prayer Process© which is a nondenominational prayer that opens to what Linda Howe calls the forces of light. She mentions God, I don’t happen to believe in God but I say it anyway and imagine it as a facet of the collective unconscious wisdom. Then, I recorded myself on the computer with QuickTime audio and I ask the question into the space that I’m wanting to understand. Then, I go into a moment of silence. When I feel a sense of everything completely settling down and inner silence, and the body being grounded without there being any mental pictures, at that moment I consider the “records” to be opened. From there, I begin to answer my own question and it’s really interesting what happens at that moment. It’s almost like you access this undercurrent of interdimensional wisdom and… it works every single time. You don’t have to be particularly psychic, or an oracle because we have access to that wisdom within us. It’s almost like every moment, it’s tapping on our shoulder wanting to come to the surface. So we don’t need to spend any money on divinations or other people to see what our highest truth is. This highest truth is often chomping at the bit to come out!

So go ahead, take about half an hour with yourself and download this prayer and just read it. I light candles and incense and ensure that I will not be interrupted by pets, phone and family. There’s one part that you want to do after you finish the prayer, before you say “The Records are Now Open.” You actually want to say your name three times out loud and that opens up the records of your own particular karmic propensities, archetypes and life template. You’d be surprised at how much wisdom is within you!

We Can All Wake Up!

I invite each of us, whenever there’s a question or something that’s confusing or something that’s really painful, to open up our own records and listen to what the universe has to say to us. I’ve even done it such that you can “open up the records” for someone else, and ask for wisdom and insight for something that can be unclear. It works every time it’s really amazing. Virtually any person with basic faculties can do this. I have absolutely no spiritual propensities or talent and didn’t believe in it all, and it still works. If you’d like to confirm what you might be feeling or any residual questions I will sometimes back that up with an official divination from my Buddhist teacher friends. I work for an organization called the Breeze of Delight, where you can ask spiritual questions and they’ll do a similar process and then come back to you with their support and suggestions for where you’re at. However they can take weeks or months, and this works even better.

Have fun with this process and I encourage everyone to really, just try it and you be surprised by the depth of wisdom from what arises!

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