10 Steps to Heal the Adult Scapegoat in Dysfunctional Family Systems

Please listen to my audio journal about scapegoating here- The origin of the word scapegoat: The concept of scapegoating dates back to ancient times when a sacrificial goat would bear the burden of the community's sins and be banished.…

The Insomnia Exorcist- CBTI and the Effortless Sleep Method

The Effortless Sleep Method Can't sleep? So many of us struggle with poor sleep, broken sleep or insomnia from a variety of inner, environmental and behavioral reasons. Aging is one of the most common, particularly in women over 40 and it can…

Where to Get Emergency Contraception- The Morning After Pill

It goes without saying that we at Femtechonline fully support women's full rights to decide if she wants to birth a child or not. We do not believe that women are public property, and can be forced to gestate by any government. Statistically,…
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Naked Honesty- 30 Important Questions to Ask Before we Commit to a Relationship

Content Reformatted and Reposted in part (2-30) from December 4, 2014 Author: Edie Weinstein Editor: Catherine Monkman 1.…